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How to create your ForexVPS server
Отправлено в 16 December 2014 18:01

When you subscribe to our ForexVPS plan, a welcome letter with the login and password for your Control Panel will be sent to the contact email address you specified during the registration proccess. You can create and start up your new trading server right from the panel. This manual explains how you can do it in details.

Log in to the Control Panel and click the "New Server" button on the Cloud Infrastructure tab:

You will be redirected to the server creation page. Here you will need to specify the following:

  • Server Name (may contain letters, digits, and hyphens and must not exceed 63 characters)
  • Number of IPv4 Addresses (your server needs one external IP address, so you need to move the IPv4 Addresses slider to the right)

If you wish you can also change the CPU Frequency. Its value varies within the limits set by your subscription plan.

All other settings are set in advance and cannot be changed.


After you make all the necessary adjustments, click "Next".

The next step will allow you to choose the language of the operating system to be installed on your server. Presently only Russian and English localizations are available.

Choose the language, click "Next".

The last step lets you review the settings you chose for your server and confirm its creation. If "Start after creation" is checked, your server will start up immediately upon its creation. Click "Finish" to create your new server.

You will be redirected to the Cloud Infrastructure tab. The server you have just created will be displayed there.

The server creation process takes a few minutes. After it is done a letter with the credentials (login, password, IP address) needed to access your server will be sent to your contact email address. 

With these credentials you can log in to your server via Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP).  If for some reason you didn't receive the letter, or if it has been deleted, you can always find your credentials in your Control panel.

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