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How to log in to your ForexVPS server via RDP
Отправлено в 16 December 2014 18:03

After you have ordered your ForexVPS trading server, you can log in to the server and start trading.


Where do I get the access credentials for my server?

Initially your access credentials (login, password, server's IP address) are sent to you in an email, after you order your server. If this message is lost for whatever reason, your credentials can be found in your Control Panel.

The login for your trading server will always be forex4you

To find out the IP address of the server and to change the password, switch to the VPS tab in your Control Panel and click on the server:

Here in the Manage Server section you can reset the password.

The IP address of your server is also displayed on this page, in the IP Addresses section.

Now you know everything you need to log in to your server via Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). 


How do I log in via RDP?

On your Windows OS the RDP client can be found under Start - Programs - Accessories - Communications - Remote Desktop Connection

Alternatively you can open it through the Run dialog box. Press Win + R, type mstsc into the Open field and press Enter.

Note: In order to be able to log in to your server via RDP, it needs to have an external IP address. You need to assign it when you create the server.

In the Remote Desktop Connection window type the IP address of your server into the Computer field and click "Connect".

You will be asked to enter your credentials. If the system offers you the wrong account by default, click "Use another account" and type in your login (forex4you) and your password:

Click "OK" and you will get connected.

You may be asked to input your login and password once more in the remote desktop window. Having done that you can start trading with the preinstalled Metatrader software.


Note: To make sure your server is left running when you exit the remote desktop session, be careful not to log out through Start - Log out. Simply close the remote desktop window and your server will keep running the Metatrader software.

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