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Changing your ForexVPS service plan
Отправлено в 30 December 2014 13:46

You can change your service plan and expand the amount of resources allocated to your ForexVPS trading server in your Control Panel.

How to change the service plan

To change your service plan, switch to the Home tab in your Control Panel and click the "Change Service Plan" link in the Store section:

A list of your subscriptions will open. Click on the name of the service plan you wish to change:

Then choose the service plan you wish to change to:

Next you'll need to choose the period for your new service plan:

And, finally, confirm the order to change the service plan by clicking the "Place Order" button:

If your current subscription is paid in advance (for example, if you originally ordered it for one year but used it only for a month), the remaining sum will be spent on the new service plan.

If this sum fully covers the bill for the new service plan, the plan will change immediately and the remainder of the money will be transferred to your balance. If the sum isn't sufficient, an invoice for the deficient amount will be issued to you and the service plan will change after you pay it.

After the service plan is changed you can modify the resources allocated to your server according to your new service plan.


How to modify server resources

To set the resources allocated to your server to the values allowed by your new service plan, switch to the Cloud Infrastructure tab in your Control Panel and click on the server name:

Here in the Hardware section click "Configure":

The Server Configuration page will open. Here you can set new values for your resources. RAM and Disk Space are set to specific values by your service plan. CPU frequency varies within certain limits set by the plan.

Make the necessary changes, save them by clicking the "Save Changes" button:

For the changes to take effect you'll need to restart the server. Return to the Cloud Infrastructure tab, check your server name and click "Restart":

All done. The server will start up with the new settings.

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