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How to contact Support
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If you are facing a problem that you cannot resolve yourself, you can always ask our Support team for assistance. This manual explains how to submit a ticket in your Control Panel and what to do once you've submitted it.


How to submit a ticket

First you need to log in to your Control Panel. Switch to the Support tab and within it switch to the Tickets tab. Click "Submit a Ticket":

Next you'll be asked to choose which service your question is about. For any technical issues with the ForexVPS service you might encounter choose "VPS". 

Fill out the ticket creation form. Type in the subject of the ticket, describe the issue in detail. If you have any files you wish to attach, for example, a screenshot of an error you are getting, click "Add File..." and select the file you need to send us.

Once you're done, click "Submit" and your ticket will be created.

It will be immediately assigned a number, that you'll see in your ticket list on the Tickets tab. You will also receive an automatic email, containing the copy of your ticket and its number to your contact email address.



Guidelines for writing tickets

  • It is very important that your ticket comes from your specific account in the Control Panel
    As a safety precaution, before we do anything that can affect our customer's account or subscriptions we are obligated to identify the person making the request as the owner of the account in question. When you submit a ticket in the specific account that requires our attention we can immediately see that you are authorized to make the request you are making.

  • Describe the issue in as much detail as possible
    Outline the actions and conditions that cause the error. This way our specialists can replicate the issue, diagnose it, and resolve it as fast as possible. Specify the service you are having problems with, if you have more than one. Specify when exactly it happens. Screenshots and error messages can also be extremely helpful in diagnosing a problem. 

  • Take the time to give your ticket a comprehensible subject.
    This way we can get the general idea of the problem you are dealing with as soon as we see the subject.

  • One issue - one ticket
    Please don't submit multiple tickets about the same issue. This increases the time it takes to process and answer them all and therefore it increases the time it takes to solve the actual problem. On the other hand, if you wish to ask a new question that bears no relation to the ticket you submitted previously, it's best to create a new ticket. Making sure there is always a single ticket for a single issue streamlines the entire process of receiving support and allows to prevent potential loss of important information and other miscommunications.

  • Even if the paid period of your subscription is over, you can still contact us through the ticket system. We might not be able to do as much as we could do for an active subscription, but we will try our best to help you anyway.



Where to find your previous tickets

All tickets ever submitted from your account can be found in your Control Panel. Switch to the Support Center tab and within it switch to the Tickets tab. 

Here you'll see all your currently active tickets and the ticket statistics for your account.

If you wish to view tickets that were already closed, click "Ticket archive". Note, that you cannot reply to the tickets listed here. If some issue from one of them isn't fully solved or you are experiencing the same issue again, please create a new ticket.



What do different ticket statuses mean

An active ticket can have three possible statuses:

  • If your ticket is marked as Open it means we have received it and are currently working on it. You'll receive a reply shortly.
  • If your ticket is marked as Answered it means we have already answered it. You can view our answer as well as the entire history of the ticket if you click on its subject in the list.
  • If your ticket is marked as In progress it means we have answered it but some additional follow-up actions are required to resolve the issue and we will contact you again regarding this ticket later.

If the issue the ticket is about is resolved, it can be Closed and moved to the Ticket archive section. You can close the ticket yourself at any time, or if you confirm the issue is successfully resolved, we can close it from our end. If neither is done, the ticket will close automatically 48 hours after our last reply.



How to reply to a ticket

You have two options if you wish to reply to an existing active ticket.

When you first submit a ticket, an email containing the ticket details and number is sent to your contact email address. Whenever we reply to your ticket, a copy of our message is also sent to your contact email address. You can simply reply to the latest email you received from us regarding your ticket.

Your second option is to reply through your Control Panel. Switch to the Support Center tab and within it switch to the Tickets tab. Click on the subject of the ticket you wish to reply to:

Here click "Add reply":

The reply form will open. Prepare your reply, add more files if necessary, and when ready click "Submit":

All done. We'll receive your reply and will answer it in the shortest time possible.


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