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Account Balance
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You can transfer a certain amount of money to your Account Balance. It will be tied to your account and can be at any time used to pay for any of your exisiting subscriptions or to order new ones. 

This article explains what can be done with your balance in detail.


How to top up your balance

To top up your balance log in to your Control Panel, switch to the Home tab and click the "top up" link in the Account section:

Put in the total amount you wish to transfer to your balance. When ready, click "Next". 

If you aren't redirected to the external payment system automatically, either allow the pop-up window to open, if your browser blocks it, or click "Go to External Payment System". There you'll be able to complete your payment.


How to use your balance to renew your subscriptions automatically

Every time the paid period of your subscription is about to end, namely, seven days before that happens a renewal order is created automatically for the subscription. If at that point the amount on your balance is sufficient to cover that renewal order, you won't have to take any additional actions - the necessary amount will be written off your balance and your subscription will be renewed automatically.

For example, if your subscription renews monthly and costs $ 15 per month, you can transfer $ 180 to your balance and not worry about renewing your subscription for the next year.


How to use your balance to pay for a new order

Whenever you place a new order in your Control Panel you can use your balance to pay for it. All you need to do make sure the amount on your balance is enough to cover the order and it will be l be paid for and closed automatically.


How to use your balance to pay for an order placed before the balance was topped up

If the order you wish to pay for with your balance was placed before you topped up the balance to a sufficient amount, some additional actions are required to pay for it with the balance funds:

In your Control Panel switch to the Account tab and click on "Financial Documents".

There switch to the Open & Pending Orders tab and click on the number of the order you wish to pay for.

On the page switch to the Documents tab. Check the document currently attached to your order and click "Detach"

After the document is detached click "Attach Existing Payments".

A list of your available payments will open. You need to tick off an Open payment with a Balance that is greater than or equal to the sum of the order you wish to pay for. In this example the Balance of the Payment is $170, greater than the $150 needed to close the order:

If you don't have a single payment large enough, you can attach multiple payments to your order.

Once you ticked them off, click "Attach". This will write the necessary amount off your account balance and the order will be paid.

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